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The Product Innovation Agency For Multi-Million Dollar Brands In Malaysia

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Some of our clients, and brands that we would love to work with

We are the leading agency for brands that want to develop new products loved by their community.

Business used to be straightforward. Cast a wide net with a one-size-fits-all product and wait for the crowds. The goal was to be everything to everyone, and that made you a hero.

But that playbook is obsolete. There's no mainstream to market anymore; selling generic products to a general audience is like driving a car with square wheels.  Today, aiming for the mainstream means you blend into the background noise.

Welcome to the internet of today — a universe of communities and sub-communities, each with its own passions and preferences. Today’s most successful brands have this built into their DNA. 

They’ve moved from “mass appeal” to something far more powerful; “community appeal”. They dive deep, understanding these micro-universes and crafting brands and products that resonate at a profound level.

Not long ago, uncovering such niche interests was nearly impossible. No budget could buy, no focus group could uncover, and no survey could reveal the real-time interests and habits of millions of people with such scientific precision. 

But today that precision is here.

The internet has become a gold mine of insights. Every Instagram post, every TikTok comment, every search leaves digital breadcrumbs that reveal their true desires. So good that it’s almost like mind reading.

We believe these digital breadcrumbs are more like digital gold. They guide you toward products that don’t just sell, but sell spectacularly. 

Everything to everyone worked for a long time. We don’t see it working anymore.

Success comes from being unforgettable to a specific community. Achieve that, and your business will be bulletproof.


Our unique, community-based approach to product development has helped;


Over one billion in market cap to one of the world’s most notable tech brands.


Unlocked nine figures of untapped revenue for a leading sports licensing company, and


Boosted the health of millions of Americans through one of the most trusted wellness products on the planet.


Research and Analysis:

Pairing community immersion with the latest technology to generate company-defining insights

Product Strategy:

Tied directly to business outcomes, rooted in decades of company and community building.

Product Design:

We design applications that connect customers, specializing in social experiences and emerging technologies


We create design prototypes that make products feel real.


A highly experienced and scalable team that specializes in building mobile and web applications.


Community Discovery Sprint

Starting at RM50K

Get to know your customer again. We immerse ourselves in your community to identify and design big business opportunities.

Application Design Sprint

Starting at RM125k

From an idea to prototype in 30 days. We work backwards from the outcomes you want to define and design a clickable prototype that makes you stand out.

Innovation Partnership


We become your innovation lab - identifying, designing, and developing products that build raving fans and unlock new revenue streams for a fixed monthly price.

Project Partnership


With our roster of incredible product managers, designers, and developers, we can help you move faster and execute your vision for a predictable hourly rate.

Business used to be straightforward. Cast a wide net with a one-size-fits-all product and wait for the crowds. The goal was to be everything to everyone, and that made you a hero.

Research & design for the best companies in Malaysia. 

Follow us on X or visit our parent company at 

Stay awhile.

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